Admin Backend & Mobile App

A to Z Effective Key Features For Every Fleet Management Company.

Software for Fleet Management With An Admin Backend

Track driver and vehicle on fleet management system

Manage & track fleet

Get up-to-the-minute information on the whereabouts of your drivers and vehicles.

Manage user role & permission

User Permissions Management

You have the control in your hands. Change permissions, restrict users, block users.

Access calendar to schedule your fleet

Calendar View for Bookings

Stay up to date on any forthcoming reservations.

Get vehicle inspection updates on fleet management system

Vehicle Inspection Module

Keep track and set reminders about regular inspections.

Get vehicle insurance renewal reminder on fleet manager

Vehicle Insurance & license Mgmt

Renewals are something you’ll never miss.

Service & maintenance reminder notification

Service Reminders

Don't miss a maintenance appointment for fleets again by setting up automatic reminders.

Track fuel usage, mileage, and cost for web & mobile app

Track fuel ups on vehicles

Track the fuel usage and mileage to ensure efficient expense tracking.

Driver tracking , Monitoring through GPS system

Driver’s Location Tracking

Live Track driver location through Map and decide the next ride for each of them.

Reset system in a single click

One Click System Reset

Feel you messed? Want to start again? We’ve got you covered.

PHP Laravel fleet management solution website.

Newer Laravel Version 8.61.0

PHP framework that is easy to use, intuitive, and secure.

The Backend

UI Features

  • Improved Dashboard Statistics with Charts
  • Auto Search Feature on Data Tables
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Browser Notifications
  • Integrated Google Places API
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The Backend

Supported Languages.

Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Albanian, French, German, Portuguese & Spanish.

Package Integrations

Fess & Payment Features

  • Vehicle Type Wise Fare Setup
  • Twilio SMS Integration For Booking Notifications
  • Integrated Payment Gateways : Stripe, Razorpay & Many More...
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Mobile App APIs

Handful of API Documentation.

Get APIs that can be used to create Mobile Apps and Secondary Websites.


Website Features

Enable or disable functions on fleet manager website

Enable/Disable Website

Enable and disable the website whenever you want.

Quick book multiple rides by logging fleet manager website

Managed Session for Easy Bookings

Easily Book One or More Trips by Logging into Website.

Get an email notification of your fleet order

Email Notifications of Bookings

Don't let an opportunity to make a reservation slip through your fingers. Updates sent to your inbox immediately.

Track your fleet location data with google maps API

Google Maps API

To provide a stable location data, the app makes use of Google Maps APIs.


Customer Features

Quick booking & tracking vehicles with a single click

Book Cab / Taxi

With a simple click, you can make reservations in real time.

Track booking history & expense of your rides

Ride History

Check the history of all your booked trips, whether they are pending, cancelled or completed.

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Manage and change your fleet operation destination.

Change Destination

You're in control of the journey.

Track real-time route of your ride | Fleet Manager

Location : Always ON*

You Don’t need to Keep the App Opened During Ongoing Ride.

The mobile app

Driver's Features

Get info about all ride requests of customers

Ride Requests

The ability to receive rider requests on the Go.

Get approx distance & time of your destination on fleet manager.

Detailed Ride Info

It's easy to see how far you've travelled and how long it will take you to finish.

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Track your current, upcoming, completed, and cancelled rides.

Your Rides

Click once to see all of your previously scheduled, currently scheduled, completed and cancelled rides.

Change your driver availability offline by fleet manager.

Change Availability

The ability to go offline whenever and anywhere you choose.

App is Download & available on Codecanyon